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Interested in breaking out of a dead end career, shifting into a coding / tech job, improving your skillset, or just switching things up?

Don't have the time or cash to get into coding / tech via a college program or bootcamp?

If you said yes to any of that, then this might be the event for you.

Plain and simple, Code Co-op is a help and hack night focused in on connecting people with better opportunities through collaboration and conversation.

Now, this isn't a class, but it is your opportunity to talk with other people in the community and get help jumpstarting your learning process or with a programming lesson / personal project you've been working on. Come with your laptop, a notebook & pen, and/or a drive to learn!

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Knoxville Entrepreneur Center

What are these meetups all about?

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These gatherings aren't classes, so there won't be a teacher, but it is your opportunity to talk with other beginners, mentors, and leaders in your local community. You'll get help jumpstarting the learning process or tackling that programming lesson / personal project you've been working on.

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Can't make it out to the local meetups?

No worries and don't let that hold you back from getting help! Join our online community.

Crash course series

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From start line to the finish, you'll be tackling problems that lead to a finished product. Whether you're making a webpage, setting up a bot, writing script to anaylze data, or who knows what else - you'll leave with something in hand and a better understanding of technology or programming.



Having to learn something new on top of full-time work or taking care of kids is tough. With this in mind, we keep things easy to understand and at an undemanding pace.

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While these classes aren't free, they'll be at an extremely affordable price and come packaged dinner plus some swag.

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